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Inspired by a computer game cover, the artist “Sizetwo” began his career in 2007. His incentive for starting graffiti was their uniqueness and their endless way of different expressions.
Armed with sketch block and pencil, he knew how to use his vast leisure time as youth in an interesting way. At first it was mainly drawing cars that fascinated him most. He started to study educational books on car design and perspective design, teaching himself the basics of perspectives, proportions and the way shadows fall. After he knew how to handle all those things he started to focus on the huge scope of graffiti. Due to the fact that he had no contact to the graffiti (sub) scene in Graz, nor did he know any writer, he once again had to learn from educational books and the internet.
He kept on learning by himself for about a year, till he made the first contacts by chance. Due to the fact that he had taught himself a lot of things autodidact and his tree house had been in use for diverse training sessions, it was easy for him to establish a connection to this scene.
From that point on, he developed his own consciousness in terms of the Hip Hop Culture. In defiance of initial starting problems, he has managed to become a well-known and eminently respectable artist in Graz, thus highly motivated to spread his good reputation beyond the Austrian borders. In close collaboration with the organisation “4-Elements” he conducts workshops and takes on commissioned work, analog as well as digital.

In the Year 2010 he and a Slovenian writer called TEOSON, founded the Read Us Crew (RUC). With the intention to make the world more colorful and stunning, they alternately create big concept walls in Austria and Slovenia.

From 2011 to 2014 he attended evening courses for graphic and communication design at the Ortweinschule, a college for continuing education in Graz, to get the best requirements for a career as a graphic designer.

Since 2014 he is living and working as a freelancer in Berlin...

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